So the other day, my mom and I spotted this multicolored striped coat from Lord and Taylor— which was at least $400.. but I don’t remember the designer. Anyways, she got really excited because she bought fabric a couple of weeks ago that looks pretty much identical to the one we saw. Here’s the Lord and Taylor coat:


My mom, being the genius that she is, used the scraps of fabric that she bought to make me a jacket because she was oh-so-inspired … within 3 days.

… And then used the remaining scraps to make me a skirt in which I gave her a design of.

She’s amazing. <3 Super mom!

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The other day, I discovered a thrift store right off campus. I was hunting for pieces that I could DIY into halloween costumes.. and found this lovely laser-cut button down that I’ll either fringe or tie up.. I can’t wait! I’ll definitely post up a DIY if I end up doing it. My friend and I had so much fun, we didn’t expect to find such great and cheap things! She ended up leaving with a mens Oscar De La Renta cardigan! We shrunk it and now it’s semi oversized; so cute! :)) 

Came upon an old polaroid and a vintage camera:


The blouse I’m wearing was thrifted back in NYC! It’s a silky Alexander Wang blouse- with a bit of a babydoll essence and the details definitely drew me in.. The collar is lined with gold plate studs and the buttons are like mini nails! Absolutely gorgeous.

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DIY Studded Tank


Studded the shoulders of my tank.. hopefully look coming soon!

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DIY Lace Trimmed Shorts!

Hey guys!

Summer is coming to an end and I’ve been meaning to do some type of DIY with lace. It is such a versatile piece of fabric- allowing us to be dressed up or down, and instantly vamping up a regular, plain item of clothing. I’ve been seeing lace tiered shorts such as these:

inspired by the Isabel Marant Spring 2011 collection:

BUT, if you’re not ready to wear so much lace on your bottoms, I have an alternative! Meadham Kirchhoff introduced lace trimmed skirts into their Fall 2012 Runway looks: 


(Photograph by Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW of Vogue Online)

which got me thinking: instead of paying $55 for these BCBG lace trimmed shorts, why not make them myself?

And instead of putting a lace trim on denim shorts (which I felt would be too expected), why not put them on cotton shorts?

I found a pair of high waisted pale sky blue cotton shorts that my mom made me two years ago, and I felt like they would look so dainty with a lace trim! There are so many different shapes & textures of lace… 

But I eventually decided on this cotton lace trim. (Which kinda looks like crochet)

I really liked how it had a straight edge on one side and an interesting triangular edge on the other!

The first thing to do after deciding which lace trim you want is to measure the width of the leg openings and how much trim you will need. If the trim is NOT stretchy: you can simply measure from the seam and hold a tape measure down on the fabric at the same time until you reach a full circle and back to where you started. Then, just cut the amount that you will need. (give seam allowance an inch or so) TIP: If the lace trim DOES have a stretch to it, instead of holding a tape measure down on the fabric, hold down the trim- but not loosely! Mine was stretchy, so I had to pull on the trim all the way around the leg opening. **Doing this is for the trim to NOT make it look like it will stick up and out! It will be smooth with the hem.

After that, you should pin down the trim to the leg opening. Be generous with the pins! Lace is pretty difficult to work with. I gave myself about 1/4 of an inch for seam allowance on both ends of ONE trim for EACH leg. That way, the strands of the lace would not fall apart.

I used a sewing machine to sew the flat edge exactly to the hem of the leg openings of the shorts. You can also do this by hand, but it will definitely take a longer time.

And after that, you should be done! This is how mine turned out (pre-iron) :

TADA! :)

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DIY Distressed & Dip Dyed (Ombre) Shorts!

Materials Needed:

Shorts or Jeans you want to cut into shorts (tutorial here)

A bucket, hot water, something to stir with, gloves, and Rit Dye- I used the color Wine in the packaging, not the liquid.

(I was testing the color)

First, I distressed the shorts. I have two tutorials on how to do different types here and here. I distressed mine like so:

Follow the instructions on the packet and proceed with dying. I wanted to make one that was entirely wine colored and one that was somewhat ombre. I submerged one pair:

And I dip-dyed the other from the bottom, about half way.

After about 15-20 minutes, I took them out and washed them in the washing machine and then dryed them in the dryer.

And here are the final results! 

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DIY Distressed & Bleached Ombre Shorts!

Materials Needed: 

A pair of old jeans that you will cut into shorts, tutorial here.

a bucket, some bleach and rubber bands (if you want a sunburst effect)! OH, and gloves!! very important. 

If you want to distress your shorts, I suggest doing it before you dip it in bleach! Basically, what I do is cut a slit horizontally on the area I want to be distressed and another a bit lower- these two slits should mark how long the distress area should be. To make things easier, I use an X-Acto knife to run some more slits between the first two. To show the white threading horizontally, you want to pull vertically on loose threads of your denim color, whether it be black, blue, gray, etc. In this case, mine is blue:

As you continue, the white horizontal threads should become more apparent and increase in length and width. Distress to your heart’s desire!

After that was done, I filled up my bucket/pan thing with bleach up about 2 inches; and then poured some water into it so it wouldn’t be as harsh. I pretty much just eyeballed it though.

Next, I tied up the areas where I wanted a sunburst-y effect.

After that, I dipped the part I wanted to be bleached (I wanted it to fade from light to dark from top to bottom rather than dark to light like other shorts I’ve seen). 

I let this sit for a bit, while rotating it occasionally to make sure it would turn out even. I think the time frame was around 10 minutes, but it all depends on fabric type and how white you want it to be. Originally I wanted it to turn out white but I was okay with how it resulted. :)

Finally, remove all rubber bands and rinse THOROUGHLY! It took me 3 washes and a lot of soap (I didn’t have enough laundry to throw in the washing machine..) to get rid of the bleach smell. Enjoy! I had a lot of fun doing this :)

i styled these shorts on LOOKBOOK! 

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Steve Madden “Chryslis” Wedges / Hi-Low Skirt / Turquoise Tank / Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunnies / DIY Cascading Waterfall Necklace / Lookalike YSL ring

This evening, I had my senior dinner with my class of 2012 at SPQR, an Italian restuarant in Little Italy, NY. Good food and conversation with friends always make me happy. It was a bittersweet moment- knowing that this was probably the most I’ve ever been with everyone in my grade all at once, all the while knowing that it was probably going to be one of the last times too.

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My first (complete) DIY outfit!

Second pair of DIY shorts! (:

Materials needed: 

Old pair of jeans, ruler/measuring tape, (colored) pencil, fabric scissors

First, I measured how long I wanted my shorts to be. (Measure from the crotch!) I made them 4” just as a reference.. I cut them later on, and they ended up being a tiny bit shorter than 3”.

I also measured from the bottom hem to make sure it would be a straight cut.

Now for distressing! I found it to be easier to flip the shorts inside out. Start by pulling on loose strands from one end to the other, or as far as they go. If you’re too lazy, you can also throw them in the washer/dryer. I’ve heard that works but I have yet to try :D

Voila! I also made this tank (although it’s too small.. I’ll have to make another) and I think it looks awesome. Maybe I’m just flattering myself because I’m so pathetically proud LOLL. But yup. :)

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DIY Waterfall Necklace!

Materials needed:

Pliers, Wire Cutters, Jump Rings, Chain, Chains for the “waterfall”- mine are cut between 3-4 inches. It also looks better if they are thinner than the chain you will use for the necklace.

From that, it’s super easy. Open up each jump ring to attach the thinner chains onto the chain itself. I started off with all of them cut to be 4”- I used 15 pieces of chain. It helps to start from the middle and work on each side so they will be even. After I was done attaching each waterfall chain, I used a wire cutter to cut each chain to my desired length. I wanted the effect of a “V” so the longest piece was at 4” and the shortest was 3”. Ta Da! :) 

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DIY Distressed & Studded Shorts!

My studs came in the other day!

With the gold studs, a small, flat-headed screwdriver, a seam ripper and an X-acto knife, I revamped my shorts from last year! :D

It’s really simple. All you need to do is stick the prongs of the studs through the fabric at the desired area, flip the shorts over, and push the prongs down. I used a flat-headed screwdriver because it gave me more control and it was easy to use (:

I also removed part of the seam of the back pocket of the shorts- about halfway down. I ironed it so it would have a diagonal crease and put more studs on!

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